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Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React

TWILIO-based Video Chat App

The solution is TWILIO API based application aimed to be used as ready-to-implement  part for any project that needs a «video-calling» part. Low latency media servers around the world with intelligent bandwidth allocation, making any call look and sound amazing. The solution supports browser calling service (from any device) and has a native Android app.

Tech stack: React, Node.jsTwilio API, JavaScript, Android SDK


  • Call by link
  • Peer-to-peer call
  • Group call
  • Video muting
  • Audio muting
  • Selfie and main camera usage
  • Screen sharing
  • Manual switching between participants
  • Play additional audio to other participants (like music)
  • Special cases when a microphone and/or video cam is not connected were handled
  • Preview page (where you can check if webcam works)

Collaboration resources like Twilio Video Chat App are increasingly needed and requested. The downside to these current business tools is that they do not provide the user with the ability to be innovative and adapt to meet the demands to users. Twilio Programmable Video provides a lot of pre-implemented features that allow the user to choose whatever feature they want and with little effort build their own custom tools.

Visit the official Twilio Video documentation to learn more about the monitoring of audio and video tools, the sharing of displays, the use of data tracks and much more usable features.


  • We have built a video call solutions with TWILIO since 2015.
  • We take our customers and their projects very seriously, so be sure that our Ukrainian developers have already undergone a stringent screening process. Finally, you will only consider upper-middle and senior developers with BLISCORE, ensuring they can produce excellent quality work.
  • You will not have to wait for months until your team is formed, as it may happen with other hiring options for Ukraine outsourcing. After you contact us, we unlock access to developer profiles from our vetted web dev shops belonging to the ready-made teams. All of these professionals are ready to start working on your project.
  • Unlike typical software development companies that only establish the team once, BLISCORE is providing a more dynamic model that allows you to scale the team quickly. This is especially good for startups and rising companies. You will de-scale the team over the period of 3 weeks with us.
  • Since 2015 We build enterprise software solutions using Microsoft technologies and modern front-end (React/Angular)
  • Our mission is to add value to our customer’s business and create enterprise-level web solutions that show tangible results!


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