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How to sell wine online: Tips for emarketers

The pandemic has moved a lot of things online. Wineries will remain committed to sell wine online, as they have done since the start of the pandemic. In particular, it is to reach those people who live in small towns or to communicate with people constantly, not just from time to time. The online mode makes it possible always to be online anywhere in the world. The wine community was slow to take advantage of this opportunity before the pandemic. Now it’s time to change.

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What Is Threat Modeling and How Does It Work?

Do you want attacks to stop being a surprise to you? Moreover, do you want your level of protection to be a surprise to attackers? This is what threat modeling is for: an effective way to protect systems, applications, networks, and services. It is a design method that identifies potential threats and makes recommendations to help mitigate risks and ensure security objectives are met early in development.

Boat Management Software

Using Boat Management Software: Features and Functionality

Owning a boat or yacht should not cause problems. Flexible solutions suitable for simultaneous and distributed work on a project of any complexity are needed to manage the ship. These products should adapt to the workflow, thereby providing flexibility and quality of information about the maintenance while at the same time meeting the highest standards and expectations. Modern boat management software allows you to be sure that the use of the vessel will be absolutely safe.

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ERP Software Development for Businesses: All Steps Explained

Did you ever think about getting an ERP system for your company? Most likely, you have heard that the market for such systems is snowballing. Today, not only large and medium-sized, but even small companies are starting to use them. In this ERP guide, we will talk about the purpose of ERP systems, how to choose the right ERP software or order its development, how it works, and what benefits it can bring to your business.

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How to Build a Video Chat App in 2022

Some products enter the market right when the clients need them. Some folks might call it a happy coincidence, some would say it stems from an in-depth BI market analysis, and the two parties would be right. Nonetheless, there is something called “favorable opportunism,” and it seems like one’s ability to make use of it is what defines advanced business thinking.

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5 JS Frameworks for 2022: An Overview

2022 is finally here, and while we all hope it will be a blast, some things still don’t depend on people’s hopes, convictions, or premonitions. We all know that software development will boom this year, as businesses’ technology budgets are gaining stealth growth, as per CompTIA.

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A Stepwise Guide to Call Center Software Development

Whenever a business questions the propriety of having a call center established for the sake of ongoing customer support, here’s a statistical game changer. As per eConsultancy, 61% of clients prefer the option of having a phone number they can call and have their issues dealt with. Why?

Assembling a Dedicated .NET Development Team

How to Benefit from Offshore Development Services Using .NET

To begin with, let’s come to terms with the fact that benefiting from offshore software development is not that hard. The very model has been built with a clearly-manifested idea behind it: make everyone involved in it benefit from the project at hand. However, the core technology used for developing the project can play a vital role in how the final result pans out.

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Assembling a Dedicated .NET Development Team

Assembling a dedicated team of developers is a tall mountain to climb. There is a lot of factors to take into consideration if you are looking for a team of developers that is going to deliver the result you’ve expected on an end-to-end basis. When it comes to finding a team that specializes in a specific technology or a network, the task becomes even harder.