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Offshore Development in Ukraine: Where Expertise Supply Meets the Quality Demand

Ukraine truly is a magnificent country. It might be a lofty statement, but there is nothing to deny the fact that an Ex-Soviet country that managed to become one of the world’s leading offshore software development hubs is something to marvel at. This European country has been sorcering up some incredible achievements in the IT outsourcing market over the course of the last decades.


How to find and hire the best React developers

So, do you plan outsourcing your React development? You most likely have tried to find React engineers through freelancing platforms, online boards and forums, matching services, or maybe even contacted some vendors. Whether you have started the process and failed or if you are just in the beginning of your search, this article will help you focus on what’s really important in this process.

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How to find an offshore development team in Ukraine.

Most of the companies from UK, USA, Australia, and other locations prefer to partner with an offshore software development company in Ukraine. But how to find the best way to reach the one that suits you best among 1,500+ vendors of various shapes and sizes? What criteria are the foremost critical ones? And where is the way to form your partner selection process smooth and safe?

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Microservices or Monolith Architecture – Which Is Best?

The microservices are undeniably beneficial for companies who want to improve productivity, efficiency, as well as effectiveness. There’s a chance that you are one of those companies who want to adopt the microservices technology. However, the monolithic technology is still applicable. And there is no sign of stopping from this side. There will always be pros and cons of each technology that you choose. So, what will be yours?