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How to Benefit from Offshore Development Services Using .NET

To begin with, let’s come to terms with the fact that benefiting from offshore software development is not that hard. The very model has been built with a clearly-manifested idea behind it: make everyone involved in it benefit from the project at hand. However, the core technology used for developing the project can play a vital role in how the final result pans out. For example, you can experience talent shortage when looking for specific expertise, or you can bump into communication difficulties when choosing the wrong offshoring partner. While .NET is one of the world’s most popular development platforms, meaning there’s enough talent and offshoring destinations to choose from, today we will speak about how you can benefit from offshore development services using .NET.

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What Is .net?

Before we cut to the chase, let’s actually define what .NET is. Some people tend to think that .NET is only a programming language which can be used for an abridged scope of project types. Meanwhile, .NET is a free-of-charge, cross-platform, open source development platform for building a constellation of application types. It supports a plethora of languages, libraries, and editors to build mobile, web, and desktop apps, as well as games and IoT solutions. 

Already sounds like quite an advantage to tap into, right? However, there is much more that a dedicated offshore .NET development team can bring to your project and your business in general. Here are the six main benefits to enjoy when having an offshore .NET development team aboard your project.

  • Efficiency

Let’s acknowledge one simple fact: you don’t want your project to fall down into the pit of failure at the very last second, because there is a bug that has not been detected during one of the initial development sprints. Well, such a scenario is impossible, as the framework envisages the usage of the object-oriented programming model, where software is divided into small, data-filled objects, completely compliant with the developer’s commands. 

Therefore, .NET renders code more manageable and flexible, which eradicates the possibility of having undetected bugs from the onset. What is more, .NET is supportive of a broad set of libraries, which renders the development process faster and easier, as the developers don’t have to spend time coding what’s been already coded. As a result, you save a lot of money, as your offshore .NET development team needs fewer hours to deal with the task.

  • Scalability

As a business person you always hope to scale your project up and make it grow. Thus, you are going to need more talent, right? You need more people to make the supply meet the demand. The thing is that it is going to be very if you’re working with some rare framework. Meanwhile, .NET community, as per Stack Overflow, is one of the most popular ones in the world. Thousands and thousands of organizations are switching to .NET yearly having understood the value, freedom, and flexibility it brings to their projects, meaning that the number of .NET developers is growing exponentially. Hence, you won’t find it hard to scale your project swiftly and efficiently.

  • Adaptability

Let’s keep this one short, as .NET is technology agnostic or how they call it these days, language-independent. C#, F#, C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, and others accomplished by Common Language Runtime, which is quite helpful in terms of managing memory and security. That is, this is a framework that lets you choose the language that fits your project the most and use it within multiple environments. This is an incredibly useful feature to have when working with a dedicated offshore software development team.

  • Security

Increasingly important in today’s digitalized world, security is what matters. This is where .NET’s robust security measures and policies kick in, with the code access feature standing out from the crowd. Basically, .NET secures your code from being impacted by another malicious code while still in the development pipeline. Having your project secured even before it reaches the production environment is surely something to long for.

  • Portability

Regardless of the fact that .NET, a Microsoft product, has been originally developed for Windows, developers can now run .NET on Linux, MacOS, Apache, and OS X. The 2016 .NET Core overhaul of the outdated .NET platform has rendered it multi-platform, which means that you can have your project moved to and shared with various platforms whenever it is needed. Doing business in the third decade of the 21st century boils down to being mobile and portable as it lets you deal with your clients’ requirements in an instance, which is a cutting-edge advantage to have.

  • Dependability

Dependability is something that matters when it comes to developing software. You don’t want unexpected “accidents” to happen. With its latest version, .NET offers an incredible scope of dependability, as it had already been through the time test, and now all the drawbacks and shortcomings have been eradicated from it. It now offers immense scalability features, which are constantly supported and updated by Microsoft.

Summing it all up

There is a lot of ways a company can benefit from offshore software development services using .NET. A development platform powered by Microsoft is surely something to relish when you’re looking for a reliable environment for your app to reside in. What is more, .NET specialists are rare species, but they are there, and if you manage to find decent experts, you’re in safe hands and in the land of endless opportunities of scaling your product. An endless host of 3rd party integrations combined with top-notch cybersecurity features, renders .NET as a technological solution to a lot of business problems. The only step you have left to make is to find yourself a dedicated .NET development team. It’s not that hard as it seems, there is an algorithm to follow.

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