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.NET Software Development Outsourcing

Ever since Microsoft released new versions of .Net, the framework has soared in popularity. The number of .Net projects has gone up. However, Europe faces an acute shortage of experts. Thus, to ensure timely and efficient project delivery, many businesses opt for .Net development outsourcing to Eastern Europe. It offers many benefits such as a great talent pool, experienced teams, expertise in .Net and all its latest versions, capability to find the suitable specialists in a short time period, cost-efficiency, and many more.


A report by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills pointed out the problem of the lack of digital skills in the UK workforce market. Furthermore, it noted the risks such talent shortage poses to business development and innovation. In fact, the European Commission predicts that the UK labor market will suffer from the largest digital skills deficit in the EU by 2020.

The solution to this problem is either retraining the specialists you hire in-house or outsourcing your project to a qualified and experienced team of .Net developers. Very often outsourcing turns out to be a simple solution to a complex problem.

To have a more clear understanding of the business benefits of outsourcing .Net development, let’s take a look at the technological advantages of the framework.


  • Microsoft strives to promote .Net framework, make the technology more effective, and develop its community. It has many offices across the globe. As a result, it takes less time and effort to maintain and authorize all commitments and changes.

  • The technology is a perfect fit for enterprise development.

  • .Net has great cross-language interoperability.

  • C# is easy to use.

  • C# is a static typing language. As a result, there are less defects in the production.

  • With the advent of .Net Core, the technology became open-source, which made programming with .Net much more effective.

  • .NET Core is cross-platform. It is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux. Thus, software engineers can build cross-platform applications, and port the already developed applications across platforms.

  • Different versions of the framework can be used for solving miscellaneous tasks.

  • Developers can now use ASP.NET Core to build both web and cloud applications. The web applications developed with ASP.NET Core can be hosted in a number of ways.

  • .Net Core is used for mobile development. It is compatible with Xamarin. Thus, developers can use Xamarin to write cross-platform mobile apps in C#. They can take advantage of the tools provided by Xamarin to customize the mobile app for individual mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

  • Microsoft does a lot to enhance its cloud programming infrastructure – Azure Cloud.

  • The technology is a perfect fit for microservices since .NET Core enables programmers to develop custom microservices by using various programming languages, technologies and frameworks. What’s more, Service Fabric (Azure Cloud) supports Docker containers deployment in Linux.

  • Apps created with .Net Core can be hosted virtually anywhere, including IoT devices.
    .Net Core features a modular collection of libraries. Thus, developers can choose to use only the libraries needed by a specific application, improving the application’s performance and making it more lightweight by removing unnecessary libraries.
    Microsoft provides support and integration with many services, including Biztalk services, different kinds of CRM, and many more.

Taking into account the increasing popularity of .Net development, multiple areas of its application, and soaring demand for software engineers, outsourcing .Net development helps to solve the nagging problem of talent insufficiency and enables companies to quickly staff the teams with experienced and qualified .Net specialists.

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  1. The number of projects in .Net is growing, and so is the demand for .Net developers. Thus many companies from Europe and the US experience a lack of .Net specialists. Outsourcing companies in countries of Eastern Europe with solid reputation and brand recognition can staff large .Net teams within a short period of time. That would be much more challenging to do in-house.

  2. .Net can be used for solving different tasks, and the expertise required in each specific case is different. Established outsourcing companies with a large .Net portfolio have experience of working across different industries and technology domains, have a wide range of best practices acquired through years. They can more easily find a solution to meet a specific challenge.

  3. .Net is rapidly developing and changing. Thus, it is vital to have people on the team who have on-hands experience of using the latest technologies and frameworks. Outsourcing companies have a wide portfolio of projects in various technology and industry domains. They hire experienced teams and keep up to date with the latest technology updates and versions.

  4. It is easier to extend the team with .Net experts as compared to other technologies. There are many resources for education (Virtual Academy, Pluralsight, MSDN subscription, access to Azure materials). In the countries of Eastern Europe which has a large engineering talent pool, it is easy to find the necessary experts and staff the team in a short span of time.

  5. Your business is protected from an employee leaving. An outsourcing company takes the responsibility for that.

  6. You save time and operational costs – the company finds and manages a scalable team of experts which suits your needs.

  7. Teams are working according to Scrum, which allows to reduce time to market. What’s more, you are provided with experienced Scrum masters.

  8. You can mitigate risks by choosing an IT outsourcing company that ensures high-quality project management and provides a time-tested development process.

The European Commission predicts that the UK labor market will suffer from the largest digital skills deficit in the EU by 2020.


Microsoft takes every effort to make .Net one of the most efficient and popular platforms. The technology allows software developers to solve miscellaneous tasks. Outsourcing .Net development to Eastern Europe makes it even more effective. It gives you the access to experienced and qualified experts who keep up to date with the latest changes and the newest versions. What’s more, those experts have hands-on experience with the technology in different industry domains. Outsourcing a project in .Net and outsourcing it to Eastern Europe provides companies with multiplied value.

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  • We take our customers and their projects very seriously, so be sure that our Ukrainian developers have already undergone a stringent screening process. Finally, you will only consider upper-middle and senior developers with BLISCORE, ensuring they can produce excellent quality work.
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