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How to find and hire the best React developers in Ukraine

Disclaimer: there will be no boring stuff in this article, e.g. they are good at, they are good at that. Numbers, facts, and valuable information is what you are going to find.

Ukraine truly is a magnificent country. It might be a lofty statement, but there is nothing to deny the fact that an Ex-Soviet country that managed to become one of the world’s leading offshore software development hubs is something to marvel at. This European country has been sorcering up some incredible achievements in the IT outsourcing market over the course of the last decades. Ukraine is now the 20th on the Global Services Location Index by A.T. Kearney; Furthermore, more than ten Ukrainian IT powerhouses annually end up on the IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 List. It seems like quite some portfolio, doesn’t it? Well, let’s look closer at why Ukraine and your software development projects are a total match.

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Affordable Prices & Appropriate Culture

Let’s cut to the chase and cut out all the small talk. Ukraine is a unique go-to place for those looking for skyrocketing quality meeting reasonable prices. Have a look at some of the cumulative average prices you will pay for developers in Ukraine on hourly rate:

  • $19-25 per Junior Software Developer
  • $26-39 per per Middle Software Developer
  • $40-$70 per Senior Software Developer

Finding it hard to believe? Do you think there’s some kind of a hoax here? No way! The explanation to these rates is absolutely comprehensible and justifiable. Ukrainian currency, hryvnia’s exchange rate to US dollar is 26 to 1, meaning that the Ukrainian IT companies won’t have to charge you a lot to meet their profit margin. So, yes, Ukraine is a top destination if you are looking for dedicated offshore software development teams that deliver quality products, while not charging you an arm and a leg.

Now, if we’re trying to draw an even bigger picture here, let’s compare the Ukrainian prices to the Junior-Senior rates coming from the other popular software development offshoring destinations.

  • Latin America: $30-$80
  • Africa: $25-60
  • Asia: $28-90

Now, you might claim that Africa seems like a better option and you have every single right to do so. Nonetheless, Ukraine’s time difference with the US and Europe is smaller and a bigger percentage of developers has a B1 English level, which is the baseline for efficient communication with the customers. Don’t let your project’s requirements get lost in translation.

Oh, and one more thing you might fancy about offshore software development in Ukraine. The IT sector enjoys a special votum of support and trust from the country’s government, embodied in a simplified taxation system for information technologies specialists. Whilst, an ordinary worker or employer is getting taxed 22%, an IT specialist pays only 5% from their paycheck. What’s in it for you? The lower they’re taxed, the lower are their prices.

Home to Some Glorious IT Companies

One of the most prolific factors to bear in mind when thinking of a Ukrainian company as your tech partner is those folks know how to do staff. You want your offshore development team to be capable of doing great things, right? Now, how can you expect something like that from people who have never delivered a flawless product of their own? If we’re talking Ukrainians, we’re talking dozens of worldwide famous products people and businesses use in their everyday lives, not even knowing those solutions have been crafted by Ukrainians.


Grammarly, Deposit Photos, Template Monster, MacPaw, and the latest hit app on TikTok and Instagram - the Reface app are Ukrainian companies.

Strong IT Community

We’ll keep this one short. More than 20 Ukrainian cities have their own IT Clusters. What is an IT C/luster? This is a community of IT companies that come together to share knowledge, grow, and develop as professionals. What is more, Ukraine has become home to many of the world’s biggest and increasingly popular IT events, such as:

  • The Agile Eastern Europe Conference. A conference for PMs aimed at polishing their Agile and Scrum project management skills.
  • The Games Gathering Conference. A popular B2B conference for game developers.
  • DEV_Challenge. An international mobile, web, and game software development championship.
  • Lviv IT Arena. One of the world’s biggest IT events, attended by the world’s leading IT masterminds.
  • iForum. Eastern Europe’s biggest offline web development forum.

Endless Expertise

It seems like Ukraine will never feel the shortage of some advanced developers. It is impossible, as those guys are crafting IT experts in the loop. Just imagine it: 40+ universities producing more than 20,000 STEM graduates, joining the already existing 200,000 software development specialists (we’re talking about the employed ones, remember?). The IT reserves are immense. In accordance with the latest stats, the number of employed IT specialists in Ukraine will be reaching the point of 250,000. By the way, all the aforementioned universities cooperate with the IT Clusters to make sure their bachelors and masters have their diplomas written not on paper but in code.

Let’s Sum It Up

We’ve decided to omit talking about hard skills, soft skills, and awards in this article, as this is useless. We all know that expertise depends on the company’s profile. If you’re looking for .NET developers, you’re looking for a company specializing in it; that’s it. Meanwhile, we refrained from talking about awards, as you’ll get tired reading this immensely long list. Everything we wanted you to know about Ukraine as an offshore software development destination is that this is a country, with an infinite resource of experts, strong IT community, reasonable prices, and an impeccable ability to understand their customers’ needs. Isn’t that enough?

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