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Let their leisure become yours. Software managing the fleet, while your.


Global marine management software market will reach $2.9 billion, which is an 11.2% CAGR as compared to 2021’s $1.7 billion.


Global boat rental market size will reach $280.2 billion by 2028 due to the software solutions easing operations. A CAGR of 15.7% during 2021-2028.

Boat Rental Management Software Development Services

Even though it has been with us for decades already, modern boat rental business comes as something new, something out of the box. With the advent of boat management software, it has become crystal clear that matching those with the boats and those who want to experience the bliss of cutting the waves is an unprecedented business opportunity.

Bliscore provides top-notch boat rental management software development services, as we have relevant experience in the field. We know what every stakeholder within the business might want. Thus, we have come up with three various offers for those willing to participate in boat rental business from any side.

For Sailors

Finding your next vessel has never been easier. Communicate with yacht and boat owners, make reservations, select crew members, and plan your journeys in advance.



For Owners

Manage your fleet and manage those maintaining it. Connect seamlessly with everyone involved into the process of boat rental. Govern, maintain, and rent your fleet with the maximum efficiency for your business.

For Organizations

Attract new customers and partners by showcasing the level of care you take of your vessels and crew members. Grow your membership instantly and make those who came stay with an unprecedented level of service quality.

success STORIES

Regardless of how rampant the requests might be, we always deliver the results. Learn how the Bliscore team meets our clients’ business needs even when swimming against the stream.

Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React
Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React

Get help with

A custom-tailored boat management system is not just a piece of software; it is a tool that changes your business drastically. Are you a club-owner? Forget about discontent customers. Are you a sailor? Get hands-on experience of lending or leasing your vessel. Get help with a full range of auxiliary services with boat reservation management software.

Fleet Management

Manage fleets like never before: intuitive front-end merged with flawless back-end render the task more than easy.



Crew Management

Get personal profiles for your team members, notify them of items requiring action, plan your crews and itineraries, master procedures for everyone abroad.

Documents Management

All the documents, manuals, forms, and checklist pertaining to boat rental are ready, signed, managed, and stored within one platform.


We, at Bliscore, can hardly imagine something more romanticized and splendid than feeling the breeze unwavering your hair and the salty taste of the water on your lips. Giving the folks an opportunity to share this feeling with their loved ones is more than just a great business idea, and we do our best to help businesses do this efficiently, easily, and with pleasure for everyone involved.

- Vasyl Sluzhala, CEO


Feel the Perks of Custom Tailored Boat Rental Management Software

Boat management software multifunctionality disclosed above leads its customers to exploring a plethora of benefits.

Advanced Maintenance

No more obsolete book-keeping, papers, pens, and even spreadsheets. Save time on maintenance scheduling by empowering engineers to handle maintenance and parts procurement in a truly revolutionary way.

Maximized Efficiency

The benefit of advanced maintenance brought about by boat management software will inevitably decrease the number of breakdowns. Properly managed vessels spend less time docked, which leaves them with more time to provide the best sailing services possible.

Boosted Security

A properly managed and maintained vessel is, first of all, safe to use. With safety coming first in the marine rental business, boat management software is nothing else, but a life-saver.



Your yacht management software will get you a centralized knowledge base on your fleet, meaning all the maintenance processes will take less time, and thus less money. Get info on every part of your boat, along with the suppliers and manufacturers coming at the very best price-quality ratio.


Forget about the incompatible communication platforms that stand in the way of efficient communication between owner, captain, crew, and customers. We develop boat management solutions that provide unified communication platforms for everyone involved in the vessel management and usage process.

Why Bliscore

Bliscore stands out from the crowd of boat reservation management software developers due to a plexus of intertwined reasons that render us not only capable of delivering the result, but also understanding and fulfilling our client’s need for flexibility.


Every single Bliscore team member is a certified and experienced professional. Every bit of software we develop is fully compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR.


At Bliscore, we practice the human capital approach to hiring and retaining our best specialists. We don’t work with resources. We hire talent and turn into our capital.


Bliscore is small enough to care for every customer with advanced devotion. At the same time, our scaling capacity is second to none.


Bliscore is an IT think-tank with an extensive scope of expertise. Thus, we can start developing your software with a limited number of technologies and then introduce the new ones seamlessly to extend its functionality.


We can start working on your project really fast. It takes us up to one month to move from initial negotiations to the start of an active coding phase.


We deliver from the Eastern Europe. You can expect a convenient time difference and a staggering 63.3% English language competence from our programmers. We always pay specific attention to communication and its efficiency.

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