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Words analyzed. Conclusions done. Customer satisfaction automated.


56% of call centers around the world are planning on automation.

63% of call center managers agree that chatbots and virtual assistants are more useful when it comes to resolving customers’ issues.

Call center automation solutions will amount to a $4.7 billion market by 2026.

The cloud-based call centers market will reach $24.11 billion in 2023, which is a CAGR of 25%.



Call center workforce management software is more than just a mere tech solution; this is an instrument that changes your customers’ perspective of services they get, and thus, impacts their loyalty.

Call recording has proved to be a crucial tool in refining customer service analysis leading to the eradication of mistakes, conversation scenarios improvement, and efficiency boost. With 49% of customers worldwide using at least 3-5 communication channels to get all the product or service information they need, there’s only one conclusion to make: the convo scripts are not efficient enough.

This is exactly where call center workforce management steps up to make sure each and every customer is being served right by eliminating mistakes in the conversation scenarios and forming the expertise-request matches.

Why Record? Why Manage?

We live in the times when quality comes before quantity. Yet, the businesses that tend to be successful strive to make the most out of the two. With our call center conversation management software, we ensure that every word spoken is up for detailed scrutiny, advanced analysis, and swift improvement whenever your business needs it.

For Call Centers

Ensure top-notch client service by recording calls, ousting and preventing shortcomings with our call center quality management software.

For Enterprises

Never miss a chance to collect valuable business insights and turn them into success leverage with our call recording software solutions.

For Carriers

You never know when your corporate partners and clients will request more quality-control options on their service deal. We design call management software that wipes this issue out.


For Providers

As a communication services provider, you might want to stand out from the crowd by enabling your customers to analyze their business insights like no one else.

success STORIES

Talking about success, one needs to understand: it comes with hard work. We do the hard work, we let our clients care about the success.

Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React
Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React
Call Recording Automation Benefits

What’s the ultimate goal of call center management software? It makes sure all the human resources are being invested equally efficiently into delivering to the customers’ needs. When resources are redistributed efficiently and business analysis thrives, a positive result always comes out on top. Here are the reasons to embark upon getting your call recording software done and dusted.

  • AI-readiness. An AI-based integrated voice analysis system refines the review routine, detects key lexical and psycho-mental elements, helping the company predict the conversation result. 
  • Indiscriminate recording. A cloud-based solution lets you record your business-related calls, regardless of the caller’s and receiver’s location.
  • Data security. The combination of an open architecture and leading security standards is what lets us create easy to share with authorized users, yet impossible to steal, data systems.
  • Cloud-nine cost-efficiency. Stored on a cloud, the solutions we provide are easy, and what is more, not expensive, to launch, as no costly hardware investment is required.
  • Endless scalability. Our call center management software will be as good for your business in five years, as it is today. We build solutions that work with all the integrations and phone systems.
  • Legal protection. Get yourself a solution that prevents your client’s personally identifiable data from being stolen and misused.
  • Optimized customer experience. The ability to learn, synthesize, and analyze prior experiences is key to assuring the highest quality of services possible.
  • Stronger teams. Teams that operate on the basis of analyzed real-life conversations data cannot be compared to the ones following standardized scenarios.

At Bliscore, we take a specific approach to call center workforce management software, as we know how much quality control matters. We are something of a quality-control freaks ourselves.

- Vasyl Sluzhala, CEO


Why Bliscore

Bliscore stands out from the crowd of software vendors due to a plexus of intertwined reasons that render us not only capable of delivering the result, but also understanding and fulfilling our client’s need for flexibility, scalability, and software solutions that bring competitiveness.


Every single Bliscore team member is a certified and experienced professional. Every bit of software we develop is fully compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR.


At Bliscore, we practice the human capital approach to hiring and retaining our best specialists. We don’t work with resources. We hire talent and turn into our capital.


Bliscore is small enough to care for every customer with advanced devotion. At the same time, our scaling capacity is second to none.


Bliscore is an IT think-tank with an extensive scope of expertise. Thus, we can start developing your software with a limited number of technologies and then introduce the new ones seamlessly to extend its functionality.


We can start working on your project really fast. It takes us up to one month to move from initial negotiations to the start of an active coding phase.


We deliver from the Eastern Europe. You can expect a convenient time difference and a staggering 63.3% English language competence from our programmers. We always pay specific attention to communication and its efficiency.

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