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Currently in the phase of rapid extension, the ERP software market is bound to reach $49.25 billion by 2025.

In addition to getting a CRM, 53% of IT decision-makers worldwide call developing an ERP, as their number one priority.

By 2026, the ERP market will reach the capitalization point of $78.41 billion.


93% of companies, who have embarked upon developing an ERP claim their projects to be successful.

Not An Option But a Benefit

ERP software development is no longer an option. Regardless of how blunt it might sound, those willing to withstand and outdistance competition have to start managing things from the inside. This is exactly what custom ERP software development is all about: manage and plan any kind of resources in a way that lets them perform the best for your business.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Get real-time reporting on the business-savvy data from a unified source of truth.

Processes Automation

Develop ERP software and tap into automated routine tasks, smarted workflows, and efficient macro and micro management.

Improved Customer Service

Gain access to customer information, refine order accuracy and deliver, accelerate the response time.

Master-Planned Finances

From better invoicing to improved procurement and vendor relationships management in one step with our ERP software development services.

Refined Inventory Management

Make sure your business holds only as much inventory as needed: no overhead costs and no protracted orders guaranteed.

Stronger Security

With data distributed on multiple servers and dedicated security resources, let your ERP system become a one-in-all solution for your business processes with no malicious software involved.

ERP Software Development Services

Let our team of experienced ERP software developers take on your project and turn your business issues into commercial opportunities. We are an ERP software development company specializing in developing a set of ERP solutions for customers from across industries with a verified set of business requirements.


Turn your human resources into human capital by refining onboarding, recruitment, training, attendance, and payroll management.

Project Management

Let your project managers empower the teams to bring results with enhanced project planning, monitoring, control software, infused with an advanced set of collaboration integrations.


Planning, analysis, accounts tracking, billing automation, and overall financial management reach the next level with ERP software.


Supply Chain

Get a better grip on efficient inventory control and management, while keeping close track of vendor, procurement, and sourcing operations.



Marketing & Sales

Automate customer orders processing, plan data-driven marketing campaigns with predictable outcomes, and get a new sense of sales dynamics visibility.


As important as it may come, manufacturing ERP software can change product life-cycle management to the core.




success STORIES

There is something special about us delivering to our clients’ needs. We like it, they love it, we share it.

Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React
Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React

We Follow a Process

Our clients have all the freedom they want to set the requirements for the final product. At the same time, we want you to understand how the journey from our first contact to you enjoying the benefits of your advanced ERP system will most likely look like.


We start by getting all the project requirements from you, which is the key towards defining the project, the assets, strategies, and methodologies we need for its successful, cost-efficient, and timely completion.


Bliscore is a tech partner that always opts for customization when it comes to ERP software developers. We summon the specialists that fill in the specific expertise gaps with their massive experience and cover for the


Secure and user-friendly by design: we embark upon creating a product that is pixel-perfect regarding both the UI and UX aspects. Bliscore overtakes the project management, keeping you up to date on the project’s progress on a weekly basis.



ERP software always comes with custom features. Therefore, its testing also should be custom-tailored in order to render it perfectly operative for the production environment. At Bliscore, we design personalized QA frameworks when it comes to custom ERP software development.



With today’s business requirements volatile, ERP systems might require constant updates, extensions, and novice cybersecurity policies implementation. Bliscore has got you covered on this one.

ERP software is nothing else but an intricacy bringing simplicity. Just imagined having a custom-tailored system that resolves your resource planning issues for you while letting you focus on more strategic stuff.

- Vasyl Sluzhala, CEO


Why Bliscore

Bliscore stands out from the crowd of crypto miners management software developers due to a plexus of intertwined reasons that render us not only capable of delivering the result, but also understanding and fulfilling our client’s need for business flexibility.


Every single Bliscore team member is a certified and experienced professional. Every bit of software we develop is fully compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR.


At Bliscore, we practice the human capital approach to hiring and retaining our best specialists. We don’t work with resources. We hire talent and turn into our capital.


Bliscore is small enough to care for every customer with advanced devotion. At the same time, our scaling capacity is second to none.


Bliscore is an IT think-tank with an extensive scope of expertise. Thus, we can start developing your software with a limited number of technologies and then introduce the new ones seamlessly to extend its functionality.


We can start working on your project really fast. It takes us up to one month to move from initial negotiations to the start of an active coding phase.


We deliver from the Eastern Europe. You can expect a convenient time difference and a staggering 63.3% English language competence from our programmers. We always pay specific attention to communication and its efficiency.

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