All-round protection and maintenance around the clock.

Offshore product support is our clients’ greatest pain killer. While outsourcing all the hard work to Bliscore, they can focus on their core business, dealing with essential commercial issues. Regardless of the industry, we can fix bugs and prevent them from recurring while maintaining your product technically and business sane.

Save cost and improve Quality

78% of businesses globally feel positive about the relation with their offshore tech partner.

15% is the average cost reduction index for companies that offshore at least one branch of their services.

Product Support Services

Supporting a product is more than a service, as it envisions a complete devotion to our client’s success. We do that by ensuring their customers are constantly content with the quality of using the product. There are various ways to keep them loyal to your product, and they have been masterfully rendered into our services.


Technical Support

Establishing a technical helpdesk for your customers, never decaying them to a thought that they have been left alone in technical turmoil.

Product Deployment

Taking your product into the production environment safely, swiftly, and cost-efficiently.

Сonfiguration and Customization

Tuning your product to deliver to particular business goals. Default products do not always perform well and that’s fine.

monitoring and reporting

Tracking your software’s issues down and eradicating them. Beat your customers to it, they’ll appreciate it.

Performance Management

Ensuring a long-lasting stable performance. Stability is the key toward retaining today’s volatile customers.

There’s no reason for us to build software if we don’t know how to make it last and deliver results for our clients. This is why we embark upon offshore product support for anyone willing to ensure a long-lasting well-being of their business.

- Vasyl Sluzhala, CEO

success STORIES

A myriad of projects are living off our faithful integration into their workings.

Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React
Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React

We have a process

It’s time and experience proven. Regardless of the service you require, there’s a process we follow to make sure we don’t give in on any of our excellence standards.


Every product support project starts with a detailed scrutiny of the existing environment and our client’s business goals. Thus, we define the strategy for implementing the product support framework.


With the infrastructure scrutinized, the gaps defined, and the goals established, the implementation stage begins, as we set response, research, service, and security protocols, while ensuring everyone involved knows them by heart.


As everything has been tuned and prepared, we embark upon guarding your product’s security and maintaining its stable performance, while preparing reports for clients based on key KPI indices monitoring.


Geoffrey Hill
Tutamantic, UK

All in all, a pleasant experience to work with professional group.

Deimantas Norkeliunas

The whole team is really friendly, collaborative, skilled, and professional.

Alex Y
Global CRM Product

Teamwork with passion and never miss the opportunity. Thank you for your attitude and keep up the good work.

Deborah Dalziel
My Sail, AU

They understood our business and user requirements, which helped them make suggestions for the best result.

More than meets the eye

Every product needs technical support, especially when the business thinks it does not. The benefits are copious and some never far-fetched.


Offshore product support services are all about making sure your product works, while you focus on your core business.


The process of offshoring your product support is swift and easy to embark upon. Way easier and faster than reacting to issues all by yourself.


Offshore product support means that your business does not react to problems, but has an agent that prevents them from happening. In-depth investigation, research, and detection on board.


Imagine having everything that happens around your infrastructure constantly monitored and kept watch of. That’s a sense of calmness businesses long for.


Offshore product support boils down to giving you more time to deal with strategic development of your business instead of dealing with minor issues.


Regardless of the type of services chosen, a dedicated product support team increases the quality of your customer support services, which is key to maximizing the income the product brings.


Enjoying offshore product support, you can plan your budget with increased precision, knowing exactly how much a complete shield from problems will cost you.


Bliscore specializes in product support, hiring only certified specialists with relevant experience and a required amount of professional ethics to care enough for our customers’ projects.

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