Threat modeling tool development

Safety comes first. Automated threat prevention comes before that.


Today’s businesses suffer 50% more cyberattacks than they did 5 years ago. The numbers are expected to grow.

While 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small and medium businesses, only 14% are ready to defend themselves.

40% of businesses that experience cyber attacks face at least 8 hours of downtime as an aftermath.



What is Threat Modeling?

Threat modeling is an indispensable part of what today can be called a successful cybersecurity policy. Threat modeling training is a key responsibility for any cybersecurity team, as it is designed to help companies prevent data theft and misuse from happening. Instead of mitigating the damage imposed by an attack, those who automate threat modeling make sure to restrict risks from their premises and clouds.

Cybersecurity As Never Before

Threat modeling training in today’s business is the ultimate leverage the companies get to prevent legal and financial atrocities from happening on the back of stolen or corrupted data. While companies regard their quality assurance and cyber security policies immaculate, there are surely some threat modeling misconceptions they’ve already stumbled on.

  1. What we do is enough. There is no such word as “enough” in today’s cybersecurity field. Penetration tests, code reviews, and security awareness training are decent, but today’s companies have to play proactively by modeling the threats they might be exposed to.
  2. My team will cope… someday. Sure enough, automated threat modeling is a complicated process. Yet, it does not mean that you have to postpone it until your team learns how to do it themselves. They surely will; meanwhile, there are cyber criminals who are already experienced enough to break into your system.
  3. The deployment comes first. Of course, the company’s core product is of the utmost importance. Yet, cybersecurity risk management must go hand-in-hand with the development process, as it prevents your business from deploying a product that is potentially vulnerable, which basically means surely vulnerable.
Custom Threat Modeling Tool Development

Enjoy the benefits of having a threat modeling tool custom-built for you, your partners and your clients. Relish the perks of getting a secure by design app or platform that performs flawlessly. Stop spending big on fixing the issues in the production phase, which is approximately 50% more expensive than having them right from the onset.

With Bliscore’s threat modeling training services, you get yourself help with:

  • Fast threat model generation;
  • Custom threats and countermeasures identification;
  • Deployment delays eradication;
  • Product’s time-to-market acceleration;
  • Cost-efficiency improvement;
  • Enhanced and automated cybersecurity compliance;
  • Established culture of collaboration between development and security teams;
Cybersecurity Threat Model Automator

Bliscore’s experience in threat modeling training has become vital for our partners from Tutamantic. The Tutamen Threat Model Automator has become an epitome of threat tool development on the global market due to its structured approach to operations.

Tutamantic is a company that designs and develops software that reduces security risks and weaknesses while your software is still in the architectural and design stages. Bliscore has played an important role in developing the Tutamen Threat Model Automator, which mapps the resulting threat metadata directly to the underlying design, while working with a plethora of libraries for sourcing threats. 

Remaining a truly simplistic and user-friendly tool due to its simple data entry format, the Tutamen Threat Model Automator is a vivid example of how Bliscore helps its partners implement the very best threat modeling training solutions.

success STORIES

Talking about success, one needs to understand: it comes with hard work. We do the hard work, we let our clients care about the success.

Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React
Building a Video Chat App with Twilio API and React
We Follow a Process

Cybersecurity risk solutions development requires a stepwise approach to delivering a piece of software that would actually eradicate the issue, instead of just pointing it out. Threat tool development is always a personalized process, as its final product must be based on the needs of a particular business. However, there are some major steps we take every time we embark on threat modeling training.


We start by collecting your requirements and conducting an independent expert analysis of your cybersecurity level from both tech and business perspectives

The Team

For us, it is not about just having a team; it’s about summoning the right team. Rest assured, we will have both: defenders and attackers on it. You can’t train a threat model without practice.

Ownership Distribution

When we have the team with the final solution vision, we distribute the ownership of subtasks to the team members, thus ensuring the process velocity while keeping the vision centralized.


Entry Points

Before we take to working out the model, we identify all the possible attack entry points. For example, Amazon S3 entry points are limited to Amazon S3 API.

Threats and Mitigations

With defenders and perpetrators on the team, we define all the possible attack scenarios, simultaneously working out all the prevention, response, and mitigation steps.


One we’re done training the model, we embark on an extensive set of testing sessions aimed at ensuring the threat model’s compatibility with the client’s business needs.

Why Bliscore

Bliscore stands out from the crowd of cybersecurity software vendors due to a plexus of intertwined reasons that render us not only capable of delivering the result, but also understanding and fulfilling our client’s need for flexibility.


Every single Bliscore team member is a certified and experienced professional. Every bit of software we develop is fully compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR.


At Bliscore, we practice the human capital approach to hiring and retaining our best specialists. We don’t work with resources. We hire talent and turn into our capital.


Bliscore is small enough to care for every customer with advanced devotion. At the same time, our scaling capacity is second to none.


Bliscore is an IT think-tank with an extensive scope of expertise. Thus, we can start developing your software with a limited number of technologies and then introduce the new ones seamlessly to extend its functionality.


We can start working on your project really fast. It takes us up to one month to move from initial negotiations to the start of an active coding phase.


We deliver from the Eastern Europe. You can expect a convenient time difference and a staggering 63.3% English language competence from our programmers. We always pay specific attention to communication and its efficiency.

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