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Most of the companies from UK, USA, Australia, and other locations prefer to partner with an offshore software development company in Ukraine. But how to find the best way to reach the one that suits you best among 1,500+ vendors of various shapes and sizes? What criteria are the foremost critical ones? And where is the way to form your partner selection process smooth and safe?

In first, we should clarify an answer to the question “What is the difference between “onshore” and “offshore” development?”. In most cases, “onshore” refers to locations within the region, including business activities, IT outsourcing services or manufacturing. Offshore refers to areas outside of the country or state. Those words have become more popular since the project development abroad became popular. Talking about an offshore software development company, you should be prepared to have its headquarters located somewhere in Eastern Europe or Asia. These are the most popular outsourcing destinations with the lowest market rates and a highly qualified workforce. You may consider a variant of onshore and nearshore outsourcing if you don’t want to cooperate with a company located so far away. So when trying to find offshore development services in Ukraine, confirm that your potential vendor offers you the most effective cooperation model that suits your business needs.

To help you navigate through the varied vendor landscape and make an informed decision, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to make your journey much more comfortable.


Whether you’re a CTO, PM, or a purchase manager trying to find an inventory of companies which will assist you solve your business problems, the route is just about equivalent.


Another reliable source of the information on offshore development companies in Ukraine is devoted vendor listings like Clutch, GoodFirms, Extract, etc., which base their rankings on meticulous research and an outlined set of criteria. Such lists will assist you find the businesses that provide offshore development services in Ukraine and around the world. you’ll filter them by the scale of the project, the quantity of employees, industry focus, also take into account size of their clients. For your convenience the largest directories, like Clutch, present verified clients’ references, which pay attention to different aspects of partnerships, from the power to gather a team promptly to project management skills.


Any good offshore development company in Ukraine (or Eastern Europe) have to pay attention to their website, and present the maximum amount of information as possible. What to seem for:
  • a company overview page with the essential information about them;
  • the company’s offices and their locations;
  • services, technologies, and expertise they need, also as their portfolio;
  • check their blog (updates and topics they cover);
  •  job opening and careers section, etc.

While browsing the vendors’ websites, you’ll be able to check their domain and tech expertise, sorts of services they provide (e.g dedicated development team, team extension), their portfolios. Besides that, concentrate to their size as small companies might not have enough capacity to enhance your project and really large ones might not care enough about your business problems. So, in most cases, it’s better to cooperate with small-size companies. Besides, these companies are more likely to supply you a much more personalized service then middle size and large companies.


Now, it’s time to narrow down the list of offshore software development companies in Ukraine. There are some simple steps to shortlist potential vendors:


Knowing what inquiries to ask your potential vendor is critical. Сoncentrate to those aspects of a possible partnership with an offshore software development company in Ukraine:

  • what pricing and cooperation models they provide ( because it may affect the last word cost of your project);
  • what professional development services the firm offers;
  • how they ensure effective Agile processes;
  • do they have a strong knowledge transfer plan;
  • what they are doing for attracting, training, and retaining the talent;

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First interactions with a possible vendor matter the most. If you see that it takes them ages to reply, they show small/or no interest in your company, or they don’t seem addicted to working with you, it’d be better to avoid an organization like that.
However, if you would like a replay ASAP, confirm to incorporate important details to cut back the time required to process your request. It’s going to include your business needs, your domain, size of the team you’ll need, and therefore the technical stack you’ll require. this may help an offshore development company in Ukraine (or anywhere for that matter) to know whether or not they can assist you with the services you need.
Remember, that no experience, portfolio, or expertise can structure for the shortage of communication and customer approach. If they ignore you at the start , what causes you to think they’re going to change it later?


Here we got three typical engagement models:

  • fixed price
  • dedicated development team
  • time & material model

The fixed price model is good for small and medium projects with clearly determined requirements. it’s the less flexible model since any deviation from the initial plan will cause significant changes in either price or schedule. that’s why you would like to debate the project scope, requirements, budget, and deadlines before signing the contract.

Another model may be a dedicated development team – a superb solution for long-term projects with changing requirements. It’s suitable in many cases, e.g. once you got to develop a product or extend your development capabilities. It allows you to possess full control over the team or delegate it to the seller . This model is very flexible and adaptable to changes.

The T&M model is employed to attract an expert on a short-term basis for needs of the project. It allows you to engage necessary experts effectively and pay just for their work using the hourly rate. This ensures cost-efficiency, transparency delivery of the tasks right in time.


Contract signing is that the culmination within the vendor selection. However, any promising cooperation may become a disaster if the businesses run into legal obstacles.
While shortlisting the pool of potential vendors, confirm to debate legal aspects like liability, property ownership, timeframes of partnership, and other clauses. this may help both you and your potential vendor steel oneself against drafting a contract. And while the ultimate contract always differs from the primary draft; it’s important to know whether the cooperation is feasible at all.


Sometimes a personal “connection” between partners is much more important the agreement. We recommend you to visit your partners personally to “shake their hands” and to do the next things:

  • meet the project team and share your project vision
  • understand the level of team’s motivation
  • to see in person if the company has an established process in general (recruitment, financial liability, project management)


Knowledge transfer is about mutual effort. search for a vendor that gives a strong knowledge transfer plan and has a longtime culture of knowledge-sharing. confirm to cover the fundamentals and appoint stakeholders that your team can contact just in case of further questions.
Also, fixing the efficient communication are often the key to tackling geographical zone difference. Clarify to schedule meetings, status checks, or reviews during the overlapping hours.


Offshore development services in Ukraine may be a good way to expand your business. However, it works as long as you are doing it right. Remember to:

  • Clearly define your budget, business KPIs and expectations you’ve got towards an offshore development company in Ukraine.
  • Create an extended list of companies supported the predefined set of criteria.
  • Revise the list based on the detailed vendors’ profiles.
  • Discuss the legal and procedural aspects of cooperation before signing the contract.
  • Oversee the knowledge transfer and first weeks of the partnership.

After all, the time and a focus you pay to choosing process can payback, and you’ll find the most suitable offshore development center or vendor in Ukraine which will assist you bring your business to the next level.

  • Ukrainian IT market is flourishing. Along side a powerful tech talent pool and a large number of IT service companies, Ukraine is known for a large number of IT hubs across the country. The majority of Ukrainian IT specialists located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv.
  • Offshore developers in Ukraine also are known for excellent tech education and cultural-compatibility with partners from the US, UK, and Europe.
  • Computer giants like Microsoft and IBM have accordingly developed their R&D centers in Ukraine since 2003 and 2006.

When trying to find an offshore development centre (odc) in Ukraine is one among the foremost common choices. And here is why:

  • Ukrainian tech talent pool reached more than 190 000 developers and technical experts, who work for 1,500+ offshore outsourcing companies everywhere the country.
  • Our country has the significant number of established and reputable IT outsourcing companies among all CEE countries and second-largest after India (18 Ukrainian companies made it to the simplest of the worldwide Outsourcing 100 ranking by IAOP).
  • Ukraine was named “an Outsourcing Destination of the Year” by Global Sourcing Association in 2017. Moreover, Ukraine features a solid reputation as an IT outsourcing destination for several companies worldwide.
  • Ukraine is located in the middle of Europe, so you can easily reach it from almost anywhere. More and more flights are being launched into Ukraine’s major cities today.
  • The average cost of Ukrainian software developer services ranges from $30 to $40 an hour, although the quality of their work remains excellent. IT companies in the US will also prefer outsourcing to Ukraine, as it is difficult to find such a good price/quality ratio locally. By the way, 80 percent of software development services outsourced to Ukraine are ordered from the United States.
  • Ukraine is home to such popular global companies as Grammarly, Petcube, Preply and many more.
  • We take our customers and their projects very seriously, so be sure that our Ukrainian developers have already undergone a stringent screening process. Finally, you will only consider upper-middle and senior developers with BLISCORE, ensuring they can produce excellent quality work.
  • You will not have to wait for months until your team is formed, as it may happen with other hiring options for Ukraine outsourcing. After you contact us , we unlock access to developer profiles from our vetted web dev shops belonging to the ready-made teams. All of these professionals are ready to start working on your project.
  • Unlike typical software development companies that only establish the team once, BLISCORE is providing a more dynamic model that allows you to scale the team quickly. This is especially good for startups and rising companies. You will de-scale the team over the period of 3 weeks with us.
  • Since 2015 We build enterprise software solutions using Microsoft technologies and modern front-end (React/Angular)
  • Our mission is to add value to our customer’s business and create enterprise-level web solutions that show tangible results!
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