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18 Jan 12:25
18 Jan 12:25
viktor-jakovlev-H0vuplqoX0c-unsplash (1)

Assembling a Dedicated .NET Development Team

Assembling a dedicated team of developers is a tall mountain to climb. There is a lot of factors to take into consideration if you are looking for a team of developers that is going to deliver the result you’ve expected on an end-to-end basis. When it comes to finding a team that specializes in a specific technology or a network, the task becomes even harder.

13 Jan 11:45
13 Jan 11:45
patrick-tomasso-gMes5dNykus-unsplash (1)

Offshore Development in Ukraine: Where Expertise Supply Meets the Quality Demand

Ukraine truly is a magnificent country. It might be a lofty statement, but there is nothing to deny the fact that an Ex-Soviet country that managed to become one of the world’s leading offshore software development hubs is something to marvel at. This European country has been sorcering up some incredible achievements in the IT outsourcing market over the course of the last decades.

24 Dec 14:44
24 Dec 14:44

How to find and hire the best React developers

So, do you plan outsourcing your React development? You most likely have tried to find React engineers through freelancing platforms, online boards and forums, matching services, or maybe even contacted some vendors. Whether you have started the process and failed or if you are just in the beginning of your search, this article will help you focus on what’s really important in this process.

18 Dec 17:47
18 Dec 17:47

Offshore software development rates

The global tech market is experiencing a significant lack of qualified IT personnel. In the US alone there are over 230,000 unfilled jobs for software developers and other IT specialists. This, in return, causes the dramatic increase in the compensation rates and competition for the tech talent. Companies sometimes have to pay huge checks to hire an experienced US-based development team.

18 Dec 16:11
18 Dec 16:11

How to find .NET developers: Step-By-Step Guide

There are over 6M .NET engineers worldwide, but you are still struggling to hire the one for your project? If you are looking to outsource .NET development, there are many things you need to know and take into account. .NET is one of the most prominent platforms in modern software development.

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