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How to sell wine online: Tips for emarketers

The pandemic has moved a lot of things online. Wineries will remain committed to sell wine online, as they have done since the start of the pandemic. In particular, it is to reach those people who live in small towns or to communicate with people constantly, not just from time to time. The online mode makes it possible always to be online anywhere in the world. The wine community was slow to take advantage of this opportunity before the pandemic. Now it’s time to change.

Features of the target audience

The target audience of wine buyers can be divided into two segments:

  • connoisseurs who are well versed in wine;
  • amateurs who do not understand the nuances.

It is necessary to develop an interface and functionality, taking into account the interests of both segments, to sell wine online successfully.

What tasks need to be set before starting development:

  • Learn background information and understand the needs of those who want to choose wine online.
  • Make the interface logic accessible to both segments of the audience, and make the design different from competitors and memorable.
  • Introduce useful and engaging wine selection tools.
  • Create the added value of buying wine online.
  • Ensure high rates of organic traffic, customer engagement, loyalty, conversions, and repeat purchases.

It is also necessary to understand how wine is chosen. Before buying, you usually need the help of a sales assistant. Buyers don’t know how to choose wine for occasion or mood. If an expert does not come to the rescue, the wine is judged by the label or other subjective criteria. In the online store, the consultant should replace the functionality that will help in the selection and stimulate the purchase.

What to Look For in a Wine Ecommerce Platform

First of all, the design should not be burdened with unnecessary elements, while it is essential to transfer the identity and unique atmosphere of wine cellars online. It would be best if you also thought about increasing organic traffic. So, we recommend that you plan the logic of the SEO-smart filter in the interface, the functionality of which allows you to create unique landing pages for low-frequency traffic.

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Make it easier for customers to choose

To help the buyer with the choice, a small questionnaire might be implemented on the main page of alcohol eCommerce website. It selects drinks depending on tastes, mood, event, and meal density. The functionality engages the visitor, simplifies the choice, and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Facilitate the choice of wine and selections in the “Ready-made offers” block. They are designed based on typical user requests.

To simplify the search in the catalog, a search filter might be created by key characteristics: price, color, sugar content, grape variety, and country. Also, implement a quick search by parameters that include many elements. Buyers who want to get as much information as possible about products can choose to display the positions in a table format.

Take care of the maximum conversion

To achieve high conversion rates, we worked out the product card, cart, and checkout as much as possible.

Designing a product card directly affects the conversion and the average check. It is crucial to close all the client’s objections in the card since the purchase decision is made here. The more information we provide to the customer, the higher the likelihood that the user will add the product to the cart and place an order.

The card considers the needs of two segments of the audience, comprehensively presents the product, and makes the page attractive, convenient, and selling as possible.

For one product, regardless of the volume of the bottle and vintage, one card should be provided. The buyer immediately sees the available options and the change in cost, he can choose the appropriate option without looking for other cards.

Increase the loyalty to your company

Create a club whose members will receive privileges: discounts, the opportunity to participate in private events, and shop for special promotions. Provide a block with the presentation of the club card on the main page.

Organize paid and free events for wine fans where you can taste and buy a drink. To present events, design Events and Tastings page that shows a calendar of events. Everyone can easily choose and reserve a seat.

Create the added value of shopping online

Experts who care about finding wines from specific countries or even regions can do so on the Brands page. Provide an interactive map to select a brand from the desired province. You can also search for a specific brand by name – to do this, implement an alphabetical index.

Come up with solutions for regular orders

The regular audience monitors special offers, so develop a separate block for it with all the promotions.

In the case of goods in constant demand, it makes sense to implement a personal account module. In the “My orders” section, implement the ability to change and repeat the previous order quickly. This saves the client time and encourages them to return to this particular online store for purchase.

In the “Club card” section, reflect the benefits of the club cardholder. More purchases – more discounts and savings: there is an incentive to buy wine in one place.

Adapt functionality for mobile

The share of mobile traffic is impressive, so pay as much attention to the mobile version as to the desktop one. It is important that the user can easily order goods from a smartphone or tablet.

Make it convenient to work with filters and listing sorting. A fixed modal window appears on top of the list of products with a finger-like interface.

Filtering starts only after specifying all the parameters and confirming the user’s choice. If this is not provided, then the list of products in the category will be updated after selecting the first parameter – which annoys the user and may affect the purchase decision.

What else additionally increases the likelihood of buying:

  • infographics — to show dishes suitable for wine and help with the choice;
  • sommelier review – to add value to the product, increase trust, create an atmosphere;
  • information about the producer — to tell the story of wine to those who care about it;
  • blocks “What are most often searched for” and “Similar to …” — to simplify the buyer’s selection and increase the store’s average check.


Selling wine online is not an easy task, but it can be done. It is important to remember that a unique atmosphere is essential for a wine buyer, and it must be transferred to a website or application. If you succeed, then the buyers will come again and again and bring their friends. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need advice on these matters. Our experience and expertise will help you find the best solution for you.

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