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Using Boat Management Software: Features and Functionality

Owning a boat or yacht should not cause problems. Flexible solutions suitable for simultaneous and distributed work on a project of any complexity are needed to manage the ship. These products should adapt to the workflow, thereby providing flexibility and quality of information about the maintenance while at the same time meeting the highest standards and expectations. Modern boat management software allows you to be sure that the use of the vessel will be absolutely safe.

What is boat management software?

To enjoy your time on the water, you need to have confidence in your boat’s controls and equipment. We recommend using software that can monitor repairs and maintenance in real-time.

To check how your vessel is being serviced, simply enter the dedicated interface. This will allow you to manage processes, access data collected on-site, and track the status of repairs at any moment.

Why do you need vessel management software?

The main benefit is real-time service monitoring. Boat software companies provide cutting-edge and innovative products, digital solutions, and services to help the marine industry ensure safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability throughout the life cycle of ships.

Advanced emergency management keeps employees and property safe with improved accident prevention and reduced environmental risks.

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Features needed to be included in boat maintenance software

Comprehensive control and monitoring are required to reduce operating costs on more complex ships with fewer crews and optimize fleet maintenance.

For example, reducing carbon emissions involves better management of the energy chain from suppliers to consumers. State-of-the-art solutions control the ship’s central systems, providing alarm and power management, auxiliary devices, and flow control for primary engine cooling, lubrication circuits, ballast, compressed air, fuel and oil, fire pumps, and freshwater management.

As shipbuilding costs are limited, shipbuilders and operators are looking to optimize resources and solutions and ensure maximum safety on board.

You can only manage what you measure, so you need a solution to track your ships’ energy consumption and analyze and optimize your power distribution.

Power distribution solutions integrate perfectly with existing onboard electrical networks and work with connected devices to integrate onboard control, alarm, monitoring, and energy management systems.

Comprehensive control and monitoring are needed to reduce operating costs for more complex vessels with small crews and optimize fleet maintenance. Reducing carbon emissions requires better management of the energy chain from suppliers to consumers.

The cooling fans in the engine compartment and the seawater pumps are usually overpowered and constantly run at peak flow, resulting in wasted energy. Limiting peak flow operation to concise periods helps to reduce emissions while meeting today’s regulatory requirements.

Boat management software functionality example

Boat management software saves time and money with fast and comprehensive leak reporting. For example, to collect complete information about a leak and report it to specialists, only five steps are required:

  • Create an application
  • Document every leak in photographs
  • Describe the leak and evaluate its cost impact
  • Synchronize the application with the web platform
  • Create a comprehensive report


Enhanced vessel management ensures the safety of employees and property through improved accident prevention and reduced environmental risks. Contact professionals who will develop software for you that saves money and time.

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